Sunday, August 16, 2015

Taipei - ShiFen

Shi Fen 

While the Shi Fen Waterfalls cannot be compared to Nigeria Falls of Canada, the falls was still rather big. Natural Scenery just never fails to make people feel happy.
Laughing Buddha which was long the trail at ShiFen Waterfalls.

 We love to feed animals. The fishes at the koi pond at the entrance were so fat. Don't feed them because they wont give a damn about your food and they need to lose weight lol. Do feed the ducks, fishes and goats at Shifen area. You can buy the feed from the snacks stall.


I do not know when we started having crazy ideas about cycling road trips. I am pretty sure Dust was the one who suggested it and I just went along. After the Kranji Farm Expedition, I was pretty convinced that I cannot trust Dust to plan trips around Singapore as I am pretty sure he will try to kill us both. But nevertherless, I trusted that he still loves me and won't make me DIE. hahaha. Jokes aside, I am pretty sure we both love each other a lot.
For all the road trips, we start of from Serangoon (DM's place). 

Punggol Settlement 
The first time we cycled from Serangoon to Punggol Waterway. Instead of taking the route that passes through the industrial area, we took the path towards Kovan and Hougang then towards Punggol. It was really difficult to cycle along this route because of the number of people on the pavements as well as the number of upslopes. (The bike which I rode wasn't very good.) The joke of it all was that at Seng Kang, we had to seek for shelter at Seng Kang Swimming Complex/ Sports Complex. I was pedaling so hard but the bike was just really slow. The guy jogging beside me was the same speed -.- hahahaha. Really hilarious.
So the next time we went, we took the route which passes through the industrial area. This route is slightly longer but really a lot easier and faster because we could ride faster as there are less obstacles along the way. While we might be worried about cycling on pavements and roads, NParks have been constructions various Park Connector Networks (PCN) in Singapore which makes such cycling expedition a lot easier and more fun. (I have to admit that I cannot cycle very well. Therefore, if I can do it, so can you!) I recommend these routes that we take to beginners like me! Tip for those thinking of going on these cycling trips in Singapore: Don't cycle too fast! Take a look at the kingfishers, catfishes and plants along the canal. It can be really interesting. Appreciate the beauty of mother nature!
At Punggol Waterway. Lotsa pretty background to take photos. Rmb to bring the selfie stick!
Punggol PCN route

Bishan Park 
For the past week, I have been down with sore throat and running nose. Thank god that M decided to pardon me because of my illness and chose a shorter route. It's around 4km from Serangoon to Bishan Park. (It's really short. Unlike the 28km route to Punggol. Pardon my fatty thighs please!)

Bishan Park is one of my favourite parks in Singapore. On weekends, you will see lots of children playing along the water bank (Yes, you are allowed to go down to the stream to catch small fishes, tadpoles, insects such as water boatman.) It is also a great place for parents to teach their children about water plants and insects. In my opinion, the best way to learn something is to really seeing it.(Ok, I am not a parent. Too young to be one, but I just thought it will be a nice place for a family to bond and have fun!)
There are also sun benches where couples like M and I can lie down on to chit chat and enjoy the breeze. There are also more than enough space for friends to gather and play frisbee (Though I guess Botanic Garden seems to be more of a picnic place for me.)
We wanted to go prawning at HaiBin (Bishan). If you have not already known how much I like to prawn. However, when we reached there, we realised that they have ceased operations due to the high rent. Disappointed, we cycled back home. (Hahaha because I rejected M's idea of cycling to Marymount to eat ice cream at Salted Caramel because I really didn't feel very well. )
I highly recommend going on cycling trips in Singapore. Dating in Singapore can be much more fun than just going to malls in Orchard Road and squeeze around with people. Something out of the normal can be just as fun and interesting. Hope to go on another one soon.