Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Taipei - SYS Memorial Hall, Cat Cafe, Shilin Night Market

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

After having beef noodles for lunch, we made our way to the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. To be honest, I was rather disappointed with this memorial hall as I was expecting a clearer organisation of information as well as more in depth information of the revolution. There were not many exhibits, nevertheless, you can still have a brief idea of what happened. 

This picture is slightly blur. In the main hall, there are soldiers who are on duty. They do not move (yes, they dont even blink). Therefore, flash photography is not allowed in the main hall as the lights might hurt the soldiers' eyes. The guard duty is rotated among the land, air and navy. There is a change over of duty every hour. Many tourists would stay to see the change over.

Cat Cafe 猫花园

Nearest MRT: Zhi Shan 

The cat cafe is located just beside 芝山捷運站. (which is really near to ShiLin Night market). The cafe has 13 cats and 1 dog. They were pretty sleepy at the time when we go over. The price of the food items was rather affordable for a cafe. Therefore, if you are interested, you can just chill there with the kitty sitting next to you. *note* do buy some kitty snacks or the cats will not give a damn about you hahaha!

ShiLin Night Market

Taking a 10 min walk from the cat cafe  which is just opposite the mrt station),  we reached Shilin Night market for our dinner.

The night market is open from 3pm to 2am. Here are some of the food recommendations based on my research ( guidebook and other blogs).
  • 豪大大鸡排
I have to say that this is totally not worth your stomach space.  While there was a long queue for this famous fried chicken. They also had an outlet at Ximending which had virtually no queue. In addition, I find the fried chicken not as tasty as the Singapore branch as the chicken was a lot more oily. 
  • 吉利 oyster mee sua NT50
The oyster mee sua is rather smooth and nice. It is worth you try. There are a lot of stores selling oyster mee sua at the underground area of the night market. I am not very sure whether it is nice, but I guess you can to try to this when you are in Taiwan. Give this a try and compare to the famous 阿宗面线 at Ximending. 
  • 大头龙蚵仔煎
I realised that I really do not like the oyster omelette, no matter how famous they are because of the gravy which they put on the omelette which causes the omelette to lose it's crispiness. Nevertheless, do give it a try to compare the differences between the Taiwan and Singapore Oyster Omelette.

Here are other famous food stalls which I didn't get to try:
  • (老士林)大饼包小饼 NT35
  • 日上铁板烧 NT200
  • 上海生煎包 NT 10
  • 士林香肠
  • 辛发亭冰店 NT50


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