Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Taipei - 228 Peace Park, National Taiwan Museum, 良品红烧牛肉面

228 Peace Park

In terms of the architecture, there isn't any particularly unique features about the place. It reminds me of the Chinese Garden in Singapore, just that it is a lot cleaner and more up-kept than what we have in Singapore.

The park was established in 1908 as Taihoku Park when Taiwan was still under the Japanese Rule. In 1945, KMT came over the Taiwan. The park was then renamed as Taipei New Park. According to the Taiwan Tourism Board website, the economic monopoly and corruption of the government led to civil resistance. On February 27, 1947, people gathered in front of the police department but were shot by the soldiers. The next day, people gathered in the Taipei Park and broadcast the movement at the radio station. The KMT government used military force to restrain the protesters and arrested alleged participants afterward. In order to relieve this historic pain, the park was renamed to 228 Memorial Peace Park in 1996. 

National Taiwan Museum

Silence please... 
To be honest, there isn't any particularly interesting museum in Taiwan. While reviews said that it is worth visiting, I would think that you might want to skip this place if you are not particularly interested in Taiwan's history and politics. 

While we wanted to make a trip down to the Presidential Building. The area was closed due to the protest again building a nuclear plant in Taiwan. If you were there, do make it a point to go during the weekends. On weekends, visitors are allowed entry to the entrance and presidential reception area which is grand. It was a pity that we didn't get to go.


Nearest MRT: Taipei Main Station
After all the walking, of course our bellies are rambling! (Not literally. In Taiwan, there is no such thing as being hungry.) We ate at 良品牛肉面.  After comparing with RuiFang Beef Noodles, we felt that this was still the best beef noodles! 

The tendon was soft and the beef melts in your mouth. The beef was well seasoned and he broth was just right and tasty. While I find the noodles rather normal, I think the rest of the ingredients elevates the dish.  Do hop by to try. This is Crystal Jade/Din Tai Feng (Singapore) or any other restaurant you can think of, but at hawker centre price. Totally worth a trip there if you are nearby.

Address: 开封街一段 10 号 
Cost: $150 (if my memory did not fail me. For a bowl with half tendon and half beef.半筋半肉)


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