Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Dust and I like to prawn. Actually, I like to prawn and Dust like to eat the prawns. Haha. While many people laugh and think that prawning in a concrete pond is lame, I still like it. The thrill of having a bite, the frustration of losing your bite and catch, the satisfaction from counting your catch for the day. All these just made me keep going back. 

For those who are interested to prawn, here are some of the places where Dust and I prawn at. Don't be too cruel to the prawns! Have fun!

1. Haibin @ Bishan
This outlet used to be very popular. They have closed their operations there citing high rental costs. 

2. Bottle Tree Park (Yishun) 
While we only went to the prawning and fishing place, it is really more of a Kampong style farm/ park. The reason why the place is called the Bottle Tree Park is because of the Bottle Tree located in the park. There aren't many Bottle Trees in Singapore, thus having a bottle tree does make the place unique and attractive to some. 

Although I had bad catch while prawning at The Bottle Tree Park, I will say that the environment is very conducive for outings with the family or couple dates. The environment was very not as man-made. The pond was not concrete pond but  like a real pond with a tree in the middle of the pond.  Besides the prawning pond, there was also a mini "stream" where kids are able to catch guppies and bring them home. (In comparison, Hai Bin offers the 'tub' experience.) 

3. Haibin @ Punggol

This is the place where I prawn the most often. Firstly, it is because of the location. It is conveniently located next to the Riveria LRT station thus making it easy to get there.  

Secondly, prawning at Punggol fits nicely into our fun-filled activity plan. Sometimes, Dust and I would from Serangoon to Punggol. Thus, prawning will be one of our pit-stop. After prawning, we would take a relaxing stroll at Punggol Promenade and Punggol Waterway. It was really relaxing and interesting!

In terms of catch, I think it is one of the places with the most number of prawning ponds. They also release prawns into the ponds frequently. For those who would like to watch soccer, they show soccer matches at Banyan Tree (next to the prawning pond).  

Besides prawning, the place also houses a fishing pond. It is really interesting to watch. On weekdays, you even see some guys in office wear battling with the fish! However, do stand behind the yellow line when watching or you might get injured.

4. Haibin @ Jurong 
This is the newest facility which Haibin has. It is located next to Jurong Bird Park at The Village. It can be rather inconvenient for some, as it is really in the West of Singapore. The attractive part about prawning here is that they have a Yabby Pond (Yabbies are baby lobsters). So that might be an interesting experience for some. However, I had a hard time trying to catch the yabbies because the techniques used for catching prawns and yabbies are really different. Therefore, you will have to pay some "school fees" to learn how to.

However, in comparison to the Haibin outlet in Punggol, this facility has 2 ponds only. As the place is near NTU, they do have special discounts for NTU students. However, I am not very sure about how much the discounts are.
Similar to the outlet at Punggol, they have BBQ pits for cooking your prawns :)
The big prawn which I caught which is as big as my face! Not the biggest prawn that I have caught though!
The big prawn which I caught which is as big as my face! Not the biggest prawn that I have caught though!
Prawns on the BBQ.
Prawns on the BBQ.


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